Donald Trump’s plush toy gang issued a press release outlining their new Iran strategy to the White House press pool Thursday night that they do NOT want to be made public until Friday morning. Alas, a Gawker bot — made well aware to the public — has been immediately publishing every press pool email for more than two years. So you can read the entire thing in full right here. (Also pasted below for those who hate clicking everywhere.)

I haven’t had time to compare the document to how the United States currently deals with Iran, but it doesn’t comment on whether the administration will decertify the nuclear deal with Iran like Trump keeps blathering about.

I did have time, however, to count how many words in the announcement should have apostrophes. That number is 26. At least 26 words in this allegedly very important strategy document are grammatically incorrect. President Fucking Moron is surrounded by fucking morons.



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