Borna Danesh In an Interview with YoungStrateigsts : We were put in pressure by U.S. government because of social activities!

1.Would you tell us about yourself; where were you born? How much have you been in United State? and where are you now?

Borna Danesh: I was born in Dallas (Texas), I have spent the most of my life in USA, and now I am studying at Tehran University. I am performing as an political expert in different programs on TV, preforming on Press TV, now I have a program as Borna Show in Persian and the English part is going to be broadcasted very soon.

2. How can you evaluate the conditions of Muslims and Islamic movements in USA as an American Muslim? Can you see a horizon or a bright future for them?

Borna Danesh: There is a tragedy condition even worse than a tragedy in Islamic movements! And its basic reason is that USA government infiltrates these movements, even it infiltrates Iran! All groups in USA are full of infiltration from USA government and also every events are controlled as a controlled opposition.

3. Would you tell us about your political and social activities in USA? And were you put in pressure by USA government because of these activities?

Borna Danesh: The responsibility of Quds Day was by me and we had Malcolm X programs we had ceremonies for 22th Bahman (11th February; Islamic Revolutionary of Iran ceremony) and Imam Khomeini’s death anniversary.
Yes, we were put in pressure a lot for example: they didn’t let us board the plane, or police entered to my apartment by force just behind the door and I didn’t let them enter in (“it has a long story, I will tell it later”he said on his voice chat.), I was flagged by them and I have its sign in my ticket as high security; it means I am very dangerous!

4. And the last question; what is the most basic problem that USA is facing it as you were in USA for many years and also studied in area of USA?

Borna Danesh: About the last question I can say; the biggest problem is economics problems in USA that all monies around the world are controlled by them in fact this is not the problem of USA government. The problem for them is that one day the people of USA would awake and and start protesting to give their rights.

Thanks Mr. Danesh.


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